Things to know when preparing for Las Vegas nightclubs

Anyone Can Sign Up On The Guest List

People who are familiar with nightclubs in Las Vegas have probably heard about the guest list. What no one knows is that anyone (whether guy or girl) can sign up for it. The advantage of being on the guest list is entering the club for free.

There is no need to be a VIP, celebrity or super model to be included on the list. As a matter of fact, people can sign up online, free of charge. There are just a number of minimal requirements that people on the guest list have to remember:

  • Women can enter for free at every club.
  • For men to enter for free at most clubs, they need to have an equal number of women in their group (or more women than men).
  • There are some clubs that let men enter for free without ratio requirements.
  • They must reach the club at an early time.

Aside from getting free entrance at every club, some nightclubs give free drink tickets to women. They have to be reminded, though, that there is a cutoff time for guest lists. For nightclubs, it is around 12:30 am. That is why it is important to be in line no later than 10:30 pm. On busy nights like weekends, it makes sense to get in line as early as 10:00 pm to make sure they can get in.

A Lot of Nightclubs Have a “Girl Guy”

For those who do not know what a girl guy is, he is the host that works at the nightclub. His primary job is to go around to find party companions for guy guests and their friends (like a matchmaker of sorts). This is the easier way fora group of guys to meet women in Las Vegas. There is a word of caution though. Those who have bottle service table are the only guests that can get a girl guy. Asking the help of a girl guy can cost about more than $3,000 on bottle service. This may seem to be expensive but with a group of 10 or more, this is actually reasonable. This is the way to go to party like a VIP.

Bottle Service Costs Less During The Week

When it comes to bottle service, people can get the best deals during the week, from Sunday to Thursday. They are not required to get bottle service since guests can get free entry to clubs when they are on the guest list. However, if the decide on getting bottle service, they will save a considerable amount of money when they get a table on a week day.

People go to Vegas on Fridays or Saturdays however, if they come a day earlier or stay a day later, they can discover serious bargains. Clubs are not as busy (according to Vegas standards) on these days and they can get the same thousand dollar tables on the weekend for a huge discount.

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4 Locations you need to visit while in Las Vegas

Seven Magic Mountains 

The art installation of Seven Magic Mountains can be easily seen from I15 because of its high 35-foot towers with multi-colored boulders protruding from the desert east of I15 around 10 miles south of Vegas. This impressive public artwork is a creation of Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. These neon colored hoodoos resemble the natural rock formations in the Southwest except that heavy equipment put the locally-sourced boulders into place rather than being sculpted naturally by wind and rain. The art installation will be exhibited until the end of 2021 following the successful effort to prolong its stay. The art installation’s setting against the Jean Dry Lake background as well as the desert around it is worth capturing and exploring at all angles. Although Seven Magic Mountains is not the usual work of art, it is a one-of-a-kind creation with its engineering plus it is free to visit.

Mirage Volcano 

The Mirage Volcano comes to life as it spews flames and nicely impersonates a real volcano 3 times a day. Groups of visitors come early to get a view of the iconic attraction. It is Vegas’ first exterior entertainment of its kind when it first surfaced on the Strip. Whenever the volcano erupts, the whole lagoon area fronting the Mirage becomes alive. The lava can be mistaken for the real thing except that the special effects at the Mirage are not dangerous at all. Instead, the volcano is worthy of Hollywood fame and is so much fun to watch. The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart and Indian musician Zakir Hussain created the eruption’s exclusive soundtrack.

Fountains of Bellagio 

Another iconic attraction of Las Vegas is the Fountains of Bellagio’s dancing waters. Jets of water that shoot hundreds of feet into air dance gracefully and race about in patterns on Lake Bellagio’s surface. All the water movements are matched with popular tunes, some of which are Vegas-y( like the songs of Elvis and Sinatra) though there are also lots of classical, toe-tapping and romantic music. The elaborate show captivates visitors and the best part is it is free plus the attraction is for general patronage. Anyone who watches the show will want to see it again since it is enchanting, whether people watch it once or several times.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Visiting Las Vegas is never complete without going to this landmark. This famous neon sign, which Betty Willis designed in 1959, welcomes millions of people who visit Las Vegas every year. Since Willis did not copyright the design, the sign became identical with Las Vegas so it shows up on every kind of artwork and souvenir. It was on May 1, 2009 when the landmark sign became officially included in the National Register of Historic Places. For several years, the sign was seen on the town outskirts, standing in the median to welcome drivers but at present, it is in the midst of hotels and because of its popularity, a parking lot was built for it.

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Daily Activities Worth Doing in Las Vegas

Visit Vegas Indoor Skydiving for a Free Fall

Those who want something even more thrilling can opt for indoor skydiving. Anyway, they are in Las Vegas. So, they should either go all-out or go home. People get the indescribable free falling feeling without the risks. Indoor skydiving lets participants experience what it is like to skydive without being scared of planting their face or needing a parachute. Whether they want to go solo or as a group, this safe option packs in the thrills. In addition, adventurous kids will enjoy indoor skydiving during the day. Visitors should be aware, though, that restrictions on maximum weight and height depend on aerodynamics.

Be a Pro Racing Driver at the Richard Petty Driving Experience

NASCAR fans or so called adrenaline junkies can include the Richard Petty Driving Experience in their list of daily activities to do in Las Vegas. People can drive around an actual NASCAR track or experience being a passenger in the ride of a lifetime. Whether it is to drive or ride, the Richard Petty Driving Experience gives this opportunity to get the thrill they desire. However, to participate in all of the racing activities, drivers need to show a valid driver’s license.

Explore the Mob Museum

Organized crime was part of the Las Vegas’ rough history. It would be worthwhile to visit the Mob Museum to discover more about this point in time. The Mob Museum has immersive exhibits that display the country’s crime history and show the way organized crime is publicly shown in Hollywood, to name a few. There is a lot more to explore so many guests stay for about 2 to 3 hours to absorb everything. When taking along kids to Las Vegas, the type of museum content might be too disturbing in nature for them. Therefore, people should be discrete in deciding if they should go to the museum with their children.

Visit the Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon is found at the west of Las Vegas. This place will mesmerize visitors with its myriad of geological sites, hiking trails plus the additional outdoor fun. Photography enthusiasts can use their camera to capture the red and orange hues together with the natural landscape. Also, if there is some more time to explore the park, visitors can board on the 13-mile drive to tour the area. They can stop at the desired sites and make the most of their visit.

Ride to See the Adventuredome’s Attractions

Continue the excitement during the day by going to the Las Vegas’ Circus Circus Resort where the Adventuresdome is found. This is an indoor theme park with massive roller coasters and a laser tag arena, among others. Everyone has an adventure to indulge in whether these are extreme rides or interactive games. The moment people are inside, it is plain to see why it is considered as one of the most worthwhile daily adventures in Las Vegas. Before bringing the kids to Adventuredome, people should first verify the restrictions regarding rides. It can be disappointing to visit the theme park with children but be prohibited from entering because of their, especially when the ticket has been bought.

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What can I see in Las Vegas when I’m not gambling?

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street in old downtown Vegas is an area just for pedestrians and has all kinds of unique attractions. The street has a five-block section with a canopy of LED lights hanging over it that light up the sky in a spectrum of various colors as well as designs while walking below. The Fremont Street Experience, as it is known, features great music and visual shows up above. In this area, street artists and special entertainers perform outdoors. Fremont, which is in downtown Vegas, is only a few kilometers away from the Strip. Visitors can take a cab to go there. However, if they really want to experience the city at night, they could always take the 3-1/2 hour Las Vegas Night Tour to also enjoy the Fremont Street light show plus other highlights along the Strip.

Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower

Paris Las Vegas, which is also found on the Strip, is among the most easy to recognize city resorts. The Eiffel Tower in the form of a scale model is found out front while a Paris Opera House recreation can be seen down the way. The Eiffel Tower Experience is a deck forty six stories above the streets of Vegas that allows 360-degree amazing views. The posh, romantic Eiffel Tower Restaurant, which is just a story below, lets people have fine views over the Strip and across to Bellagio’s dancing fountains. There is also a mock hot air balloon on the property dressed with flashing, neon lights.

Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show

The enormous, luxury hotel complex in Las Vegas known as Bellagio Resort has several, different attractions such as the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, spa and salon as well as a number of the finest restaurants in the city. To the further side of the lobby is a showroom area that has changing themes like spring botanical displays and fascinating art shows, to name a few. The fountain show is the most popular and impressive feature of the resort. At the front part of Bellagio on the strip, the dancing fountains show a beautiful water display set to music. Visitors can get a ringside view from the sidewalk. This is considered as Las Vegas’ best free attraction.

Mirage Hotel with Erupting Volcano and Secret Garden

It is easy to identify the Mirage Hotel when walking along the Strip. There is a volcano that erupts every now and then in front of the resort. The glowing red fire that shoots out at night is among the most unique sites that can be viewed from the sidewalk. The Mirage has a Secret Garden as well as Dolphin Habitat inside. There is also a wide range of exotic animals like white lions, among others. The Dolphin Habitat contains 2.5 million gallon pools with numerous trained dolphins.

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Las Vegas trips are not just about gambling

A lot of vacationers travel all the way to Vegas to gamble, watch shows and try fine dining. However, the 20 to 30 year old group goes there to dance the night away, since Las Vegas continues to be the world’s hottest dance capital. The sensual ultra-hip nightclub is a new trend in Las Vegas that began in 1999. It has become very popular since then, and it’s income-generating as well. Majority of dance clubs make use of first-rate “special effects”, avant-garde interior design, one-of-a-kind decor, technologically advanced sound systems with video, plus various lighting.

When the sun sets, the party starts and continues all night. The friendliness of people who go to these clubs can differ from one day to another. Do not forget that people who go to Las Vegas only stay for an average of 3 to 4 days. So, as expected, you will see another set of party people each time you go. When going “clubbing”, these are the things you should know.

Dancing all night

There are too many people waiting at the popular clubs, particularly during weekend nights. Notice that many of the “hot clubs”  are only open during weekends from Thursday to Sunday.  Only a few are open every evening. The action begins when the clock strikes 10 pm, and lasts till dawn, while the real action begins after midnight.

Receiving VIP Treatment

When people visit Las Vegas, they make the mistake of not planning beforehand.  It is best to have an itinerary for all the days of your trip. You should not wait until you reach Vegas to line up for the shows, meals and attractions you want to view.

It would be extremely difficult, and even almost impossible to enter a hot nightclub, particularly as the midnight approaches. By that time, the best clubs are jam-packed. Nobody want to spend half the night waiting in line. To avoid this, it is best to opt for VIP host services.

VIP hosted entrance to hot clubs, as well as hosted entry plus transportation, is a flourishing business in Las Vegas. It continues to grow bigger, making it hard to catch up with.  “Hosted Entry”, which comes with a fee, is a provider who has the right contacts to get you fast entry into the hot nightclubs. Most of them will transport you there by means of a limousine. Whatever you need, there is a person in Sin City who can provide it.

What You Should Wear

Your sex matters when it comes to clubbing in Las Vegas. Women have all the advantages.  To improve the male/female ratio, girls get a price break, among other benefits, including ladies night,  discounted cover charge, and free to local females, to name a few.

Many dance clubs have dress codes, not like most places in Las Vegas. The dress code for women is: “Stylish nightlife attire” (which means “sexy” in everyday lingo). A lot of girls who frequent hot clubs dress to impress. They wear ultra-stylish dresses that show a lot of skin. Clubs want to be filled with such extra hot girls, celebrities and rollers, especially during Fridays and Saturdays. The host that holds a clipboard at the entrance controls the people who come in, and he is meticulous.

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How to Make the Most of Your Las Vegas Nightclub Experience

Though some people may be surprised by the following information, it is quite common to regular club-goers. Guests from other towns and also some locals always ask about how to behave in nightclubs and the best way to enter the most popular Las Vegas clubs. Here are the answers – this is a list of the top tips on how to make a Vegas nightclub experience the best part of a visit. It is not a shame to be ready to party – since when you’re in, you’re in.

  1. Guys that come in groups should have a plan.

When guys fall in line as if they are planning to watch a football game, they will find it difficult to get past the man on the door. They probably could, if they are willing to spend 1 to 2 grand for bottle service, otherwise they should think of how to get in. It won’t help to either befriend or threaten the doorman. This will just keep the other guests behind from moving forward.

There is still hope, though, if guys are attending a bachelor/milestone party. Now this is when they could use their fantastic social skills. They could come in pairs and look for girls in line. This gives them a bigger chance to get into the club. They can engage in conversation. They could also present to pay for entrance and the first couple of drinks.

  1. Guests Should Buy Tickets Ahead of Time.

To avoid standing in long lines, guests should buy their tickets in advance. As a suggestion, guys should still come in pairs – since girls are always top priority. When guests already have a ticket, they just fall in a separate, short line. This can save a lot of time. This means, they could mingle more inside. So, they should get tickets.

Another advice is to arrive early. When big names and famous DJs perform on stage, everyone including locals would want to get in. So, it is best to be outside the door by 10 pm.

Take note: There is a separate line for those who have a VIP host or reserved table. However, to avoid falling in a long line, they could go during less crowded nights (like from Sunday to Wednesday).

  1. Ask Around.

Once guests check into their Las Vegas hotel or book their reservation, they can ask for complimentary nightclub tickets if there are any. They should try all kinds of strategies so they could get in.

In addition, they will notice club promoters within the hotel vicinity giving out cards or flyers. When the name of the promoter is on it, they could text at once to ask about details (ratio of girls to guys, guest list/club pass line against general admission). The same applies even if they get a VIP host.

  1. Tip

Though a tip will not guarantee a faster entry to a Vegas club, it still counts, especially if the VIP host or doorman makes things easier and smoother for guests.

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Tips for a great bachelor or bachelorette party in Vegas

What could be more exciting than a bunch of dudes or gals going all the way to Las Vegas to to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials of one of their closest pals! Sin City, an incredibly well-known prenup destination, is used to host numerous bachelors and bachelorettes who look forward to have a great time with their best friends. They are surely plenty of things to discover whether they are on the Strip or not. Since Vegas is popular for its active nightlife, plenty of groups contemplate the celebration that will take place once the sun sets.

Prior to boarding the plane or packing the car with suitcases, the party group should consider a number of helpful tips, and shouldn’t miss tourist attractions, so planning their after-dark itinerary can be a breeze:

Everything should stay organized even during wild weekends.

The first day should be casual, since people have different arrival times. For the first night, the event organizer should plan a group dinner, then drinking or clubbing thereafter. In case the whole bunch (with the honored guest) arrives at the same time, there should be a plan like upon arrival at the hotel, half of the group will do something to keep the bachelor/bachelorette busy, while the rest of them prepare the room for fun and surprises.

The event planner should see to it that everyone knows the itinerary in advance, and if they are supposed to wear special clothes (as an example, during Saturday nights at XS, all girls are asked to use a black dress, while the bachelorette wears white).

The whole group should have the phone number of each person and everyone should be added on Venmo so it would be easier to chip in for dinner, as well as cabs.

They should have cash. In Vegas, customers are expected to give tips so here are the guidelines to follow:

  • The running rate of a tip in Las Vegas is 15% to 20% of the total amount.
  • When it comes to dealers, as well as slot attendants, they can give a small bet as a tip to dealers at gaming tables. They can also give a small tip to slot attendants and keno runners.
  • Regarding dining, Las Vegas restaurants seldom ask for “service charge”. However, they would appreciate a tip for after dining services, which is 15% to 20% of the bill before taxes. Usually, restaurants reveal that they will automatically add a tip for 8 or more people in a group.
  • With respect to hotel staff, a tip of $1 to $2 per luggage bag is appropriate. When customers avail of concierge services, a $5 is just right.
  • In tipping taxi drivers, as well as tour guides, they should give $1 to $2 to tax drivers for a direct route or else, the 15% to 20% rule should be followed, whatever is higher. They can give the guide a tip of $3 to $5 for each person after the tour.

They should take note on packing. Ladies should bring already broken-in high heels. When many people share a room, they should bring some extension cords so hot styling products can be used not only in the bathroom, plus many people can use their electronic devices as well.

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Advantages of Booking a Las Vegas Bottle Service

Picture yourself at a popular Vegas nightclub with your own private table, while being well-served with bottles of high-quality liquor and mixers. It may sound unbelievable, but it is true, and this service is available at clubs along the Las Vegas Strip.

Make new friends.

When you avail of bottle service at a Vegas nightclub/pool party, you automatically get access to an exclusive club for VIPs.

Usually, bottle service patrons are provided with their own area at the club, or are placed in prime locations where they have a close view of the stage and dance floor. When you have your own table and premium wine bottles, it is easier to make new friends. If you belong to a group of guys who want to meet some pretty ladies, the best solution is a VIP table and bottle service.

Maybe you might come across any of the several celebrities who frequent the VIP section at Las Vegas nightclubs. Share your Vegas experience via tags, posts and tweets. Some party-goers will be curious and ask who they are. Furthermore, when people find out you have your own private table, they will want to be your buddy.

Make an impression.

Perhaps among your friends, you are not thought of as the most “attractive” or “bubbly”, but things are a lot different in Vegas. Once people discover that you have reserved a bottle service, they will totally forget all their presumptions of you way back home.

Letting your friends experience this luxury will immediately upgrade your status to being the group’s “favorite”, making you the topic of conversation in the coming months. Do you plan to spend a weekend in Vegas soon? Are you going to Las Vegas to attend a birthday celebration, bachelor / bachelorette party or just to have fun? Booking a VIP table and bottle service in one of the top Las Vegas nightclubs or pool parties is the best way to spend it with your friends.

Get delicious drinks (right at your table).

In case you are thinking Vegas has delivered on drinks, wait till you book a private booth for VIP customers and bottle service.

Whether it is a holiday or popular weekend, people tend to flock to Vegas nightclubs and day clubs.  So, there is surely a long line up at the bar. To avoid spending time to get drinks at a busy bar, reserve a VIP table and bottle service.

When you get bottle service, there is no need to waste half the night to get drinks at the bar.  You don’t have to get bumped into or spill your cocktails.  With a variety of liquors and mixer choices available, the only thing left to decide on is how strong you like your drinks to be.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Bottle Service in Vegas Nightclubs

Not sure why should get a bottle service in Vegas? Here goes:

  • Free entrance;
  • Priority entrance (no line-up);
  • Own private area with comfy seats;
  • Personal waitress who takes orders such as drinks.

Before you get a table reservation in a Las Vegas nightclub, day club or pool part, you need to keep the following things in mind:

No Line-Up and Cover Charges

More often than not, if you book a bottle service beforehand, you no longer need to line up and pay cover charges. During a busy night, general admission tickets could rise up to at least $200 and you have to fall in line.

In order to book a bottle service, you are required by clubs to spend a specific minimum amount once you are seated. For instance, the standard table reservation requires you to spend at least $1000. That is why, nightclubs do not let their bottle service customers pay the cover charge and entrance fee.

Certainly, there are still other ways to enter Vegas nightclubs.

Ordering a Las Vegas bottle service is one of the ways to get in as well as the smoothest and most hassle-free.  Guests booking this service may or may not use the priority line. They have a private waitress to personally serve the orders of their group and assist them throughout the night.

In addition to bottle service, there are some options that enable you to enter without encountering any problems. Perhaps the easiest way to get inside with no need to spend much is to purchase presale tickets online. Similar to buying tickets for concerts, games and other live events, you can buy entrance tickets for nightclubs.

If you have tickets, you can enter for sure but you still need to follow the rules regarding dress code, early arrival and minimum age requirement.

It is a bit expensive.

On the average, the Grey Goose costs at least $500 in Las Vegas and you are required to purchase a minimum of 3 bottles per group of 5 at well-known nightclubs. Additionally, you need to pay sales tax plus gratuity and the bottle service reservation in Sin City has a minimum price of $1000 for the affordable tables located far away from the action. This is the reason why people consider bottle service a luxury of assured seats, own private area and personal waitress to serve drinks and other orders.

Nightclubs will market their table reservation all the time.

Promoters as well as VIP hosts of Las Vegas nightclubs will continue to hard-sell their bottle service reservation. A VIP host sees to it that you have a great time and exerts more effort if you get table reservation.  On the other hand, only a number of hosts grant requests in connection with guest list, tickets or VIP entry.

Bottle service reservations are not the same.

The best tables in all nightclubs are located near the dance floor and DJ booth – this is what you would normally want for a bachelor party Vegas . Prices of drinks and the required minimum purchase considerably rise on holidays, special occasions and when celebrities and guest DJs visit. This is also true when it comes to ticket prices and cover charges. To avoid such price increases, buy your tickets in advance.


Have a Great Time: The Best Way to Get inside the Best Las Vegas Nightclubs

Though this is common sense to frequent club-goers, there are people who may be surprised. People from out-of-town (and other locals) always ask about the usual club etiquette and the way to get inside the best nightclubs in Las Vegas. Therefore, here are some insights:

Good luck to group of guys who don’t have a table

If you guys crowd together in line as if you are going to a football game, we assure you will have difficulty going past the doorman. Except if you are ready to pay for bottle service, think about how you will get in. It would not help to be friendly or insistent with the doorman. You are just keeping the rest of the people in line from going forward.

You can still hope to get in if you are attending a bachelor/milestone party. This is where you can use your remarkable social skills. Break away to meet some ladies in line. This is your best chance to get into the club. Create a small conversation and be sincere. Suggest paying for entrance or the first set of drinks.

Buy tickets beforehand

To avoid falling in line, plan in advance and buy tickets. For guys, it is still advisable to break up in pairs since girls get top priority.  When you have a club ticket, you will just wait in a separate, shorter line. This will save a lot of time outside the club. This means you have more time to mingle inside. So, buy them!

As an advice, arrive way ahead of time. You as well as everybody (including locals) else want to be here with the popular names and DJ’s as the center of attraction. Make sure to fall in line by 10 pm.

Take note that even when you have a VIP host or reserved table, you still have to fall in line. However, if you do not want to wait, try to go during off-nights – like Sunday or Wednesday.

Look or ask for more info

When you book a reservation or check into your Las Vegas hotel, inquire if they give complimentary nightclub passes. Come up with every contingency you could think of to get in.

You will definitely notice club promoters scattered across the hotel premises to hand out their cards and/or flyers. If the promoter’s name is included on the card, contact him/her and ask for details (guest list, girl to guy ratio, general admission…). When you have a VIP host, you will go through the same procedure.


Though this is not a guarantee to enter a Vegas nightclub faster, the gesture will surely count, most especially if the VIP host or doorman makes it a lot smoother and easier for you.

Are you planning a bachelorette party Vegas? Do you need the best VIP services Vegas? Visit the contact page and get in touch with us today to start planning your event!