Useful advice for your trip in Las Vegas

Watch out for the sun.

Don’t forget to take along sunscreen and apply it as often as you could. If ever you left it home, you can buy one from any of the convenience stores, pools and pool clubs. Make sure that it has a minimum SPF of 30. The best sunscreens include either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in its active ingredients. Do not forget to reapply it more frequently, especially when you are sweating a lot or swimming. Bring your hat and sunglasses. A wide-brimmed hat is perfect. This will make you look mysterious. Movie stars, most especially those with fair skin like Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway, do it. Always remember to protect your eyes since excessive sunlight can result to vision issues. It is best to choose those wraparound shades or  sunglasses with UV coating .

Wait to get very drunk.

Do you already have plans for the night? If you do not refrain from drinking at the casinos and pools, you will just stay home. This is since you will pass out in your room. So enjoy and just have a handful of drinks but do this by the time the sun sets, when it is time to party at Las Vegas’ nightclubs.

Keeping Yourself Hydrated

You know that heat levels in the desert can increase to uncomfortable levels. As a matter of fact, the temperature in Las Vegas during the summer is around 106 degrees. To reduce the risk of fainting or suffering from heat stroke, make it a point to sip water all through the day. Also, drinking too much booze at nighttime or during daytime by the pool can cause dehydration. It’s advised to drink a considerable amount of water, unless of course you are a traveler who likes to visit local hospitals and get glued to an IV. Do not drink tap water and instead buy one of the popular bottled waters. Since they cost much higher at hotels, drop by a convenience store or local grocery to get a lot.

Learning to Play

If you are new to gambling, there is no reason to feel ashamed. Everyone goes through that kind of awkward feeling. Once you start to sit down for some games, help yourself by taking lessons if they are offered by the casino. You will discover that a lot of them have free table game lessons in the afternoons of weekdays. If they do not offer any lessons, spend some money on the crib card since it provides the basics. Still, when this does not work, ask some question. Dealers are present to help and are happy to do so. However, be wary of the flashy gamblers beside you that appear to be too helpful. The only genuine professionals on the table are the dealers. If you are discovering a way to move around the tables and feel intimidated by the high minimum bet per gaming table on the Strip, go to downtown Vegas. Most of the time, the table limit is lower so you do not need to spend much on your learning curve.

Be a Club Member

Join the players club. Almost all casinos have one and these clubs are usually connected so people can use the card at many, different places. For instance, MGM Resorts International has M Life, Caesars Entertainment promotes Total Rewards card while Station Casmos offers its Boarding Pass. You just need to fall in line and present your driver’s license as proof of identification.  You will immediately receive the frequent gambler card at your hotels of choice. You can earn points when using these cards because you will certainly be gambling so you get something in return. Players clubs let you receive benefits for almost everything you spend and include your name in the hotels’ mail or email lists. Per chance, your name might get picked for tickets to a free show or a special room rate.

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