How to Make the Most of Your Las Vegas Nightclub Experience

Though some people may be surprised by the following information, it is quite common to regular club-goers. Guests from other towns and also some locals always ask about how to behave in nightclubs and the best way to enter the most popular Las Vegas clubs. Here are the answers – this is a list of the top tips on how to make a Vegas nightclub experience the best part of a visit. It is not a shame to be ready to party – since when you’re in, you’re in.

  1. Guys that come in groups should have a plan.

When guys fall in line as if they are planning to watch a football game, they will find it difficult to get past the man on the door. They probably could, if they are willing to spend 1 to 2 grand for bottle service, otherwise they should think of how to get in. It won’t help to either befriend or threaten the doorman. This will just keep the other guests behind from moving forward.

There is still hope, though, if guys are attending a bachelor/milestone party. Now this is when they could use their fantastic social skills. They could come in pairs and look for girls in line. This gives them a bigger chance to get into the club. They can engage in conversation. They could also present to pay for entrance and the first couple of drinks.

  1. Guests Should Buy Tickets Ahead of Time.

To avoid standing in long lines, guests should buy their tickets in advance. As a suggestion, guys should still come in pairs – since girls are always top priority. When guests already have a ticket, they just fall in a separate, short line. This can save a lot of time. This means, they could mingle more inside. So, they should get tickets.

Another advice is to arrive early. When big names and famous DJs perform on stage, everyone including locals would want to get in. So, it is best to be outside the door by 10 pm.

Take note: There is a separate line for those who have a VIP host or reserved table. However, to avoid falling in a long line, they could go during less crowded nights (like from Sunday to Wednesday).

  1. Ask Around.

Once guests check into their Las Vegas hotel or book their reservation, they can ask for complimentary nightclub tickets if there are any. They should try all kinds of strategies so they could get in.

In addition, they will notice club promoters within the hotel vicinity giving out cards or flyers. When the name of the promoter is on it, they could text at once to ask about details (ratio of girls to guys, guest list/club pass line against general admission). The same applies even if they get a VIP host.

  1. Tip

Though a tip will not guarantee a faster entry to a Vegas club, it still counts, especially if the VIP host or doorman makes things easier and smoother for guests.

If you are planning an upcoming bachelorette party Vegas, you really need to make the best of it. That’s why you need VIP services Vegas – for a great time! We can also help if you want to get on a Las Vegas nightclub guest list – so contact us today!