Tips for a great bachelor or bachelorette party in Vegas

What could be more exciting than a bunch of dudes or gals going all the way to Las Vegas to to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials of one of their closest pals! Sin City, an incredibly well-known prenup destination, is used to host numerous bachelors and bachelorettes who look forward to have a great time with their best friends. They are surely plenty of things to discover whether they are on the Strip or not. Since Vegas is popular for its active nightlife, plenty of groups contemplate the celebration that will take place once the sun sets.

Prior to boarding the plane or packing the car with suitcases, the party group should consider a number of helpful tips, and shouldn’t miss tourist attractions, so planning their after-dark itinerary can be a breeze:

Everything should stay organized even during wild weekends.

The first day should be casual, since people have different arrival times. For the first night, the event organizer should plan a group dinner, then drinking or clubbing thereafter. In case the whole bunch (with the honored guest) arrives at the same time, there should be a plan like upon arrival at the hotel, half of the group will do something to keep the bachelor/bachelorette busy, while the rest of them prepare the room for fun and surprises.

The event planner should see to it that everyone knows the itinerary in advance, and if they are supposed to wear special clothes (as an example, during Saturday nights at XS, all girls are asked to use a black dress, while the bachelorette wears white).

The whole group should have the phone number of each person and everyone should be added on Venmo so it would be easier to chip in for dinner, as well as cabs.

They should have cash. In Vegas, customers are expected to give tips so here are the guidelines to follow:

  • The running rate of a tip in Las Vegas is 15% to 20% of the total amount.
  • When it comes to dealers, as well as slot attendants, they can give a small bet as a tip to dealers at gaming tables. They can also give a small tip to slot attendants and keno runners.
  • Regarding dining, Las Vegas restaurants seldom ask for “service charge”. However, they would appreciate a tip for after dining services, which is 15% to 20% of the bill before taxes. Usually, restaurants reveal that they will automatically add a tip for 8 or more people in a group.
  • With respect to hotel staff, a tip of $1 to $2 per luggage bag is appropriate. When customers avail of concierge services, a $5 is just right.
  • In tipping taxi drivers, as well as tour guides, they should give $1 to $2 to tax drivers for a direct route or else, the 15% to 20% rule should be followed, whatever is higher. They can give the guide a tip of $3 to $5 for each person after the tour.

They should take note on packing. Ladies should bring already broken-in high heels. When many people share a room, they should bring some extension cords so hot styling products can be used not only in the bathroom, plus many people can use their electronic devices as well.

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