A little more about bottle service in Las Vegas

Bottle service is considered a luxury. The demand for VIP treatment has significantly increased over the last decade, with Las Vegas as no exception.

The price of every bottle depends on the nightclub, day of the week and time of the year, but in Las Vegas clubs, the price of drinks ranges from $350 to $575 per bottle, plus tax, table tips, waitress gratuity and additional fees that can be called by different names.

Many clubs require a 2-bottle minimum order, which goes with a 1 bottle per 3 person regulation. If you have established connections, though, this rule can usually be forgotten. It is typical for high-end clubs to expect a tip for the table location and assurance of your reservation.

Table tips

There is no need to go to high-end clubs to have your own table and Las Vegas bottle service. There are clubs and lounges that offer bottle service at a minimum price of $300.

“Table Tip” Meaning

In 2006, when the bottle service trend started in Vegas, club-goers had to give a big tip to the hosts to guarantee their reservation. Clubs with long lines overbooked tables on purpose. During spring and summer, the best clubs often overbook tables.

This is unlikely to happen nowadays. However, as a consideration, it is always best to tip your host if he/she serves your group well. Some clubs set a certain tip amount depending on the table location.

Booking Bottle Service to Avoid Getting “Bumped”

It is important for club-goers to have a good rapport with hosts. Reservations look pretty much the same. Since this is difficult for travelling partiers, an established VIP company often treats out-of-towners – whatever their budget – like locals.

Those who are lucky to get a table, but do not tip or establish a rapport with their hosts, may have their table located under the stairs, in the hallway or beside the broom closet. It can be confusing to know how much to tip to give, or whether doing so or not will really matter. The host may not even be able to make adjustments at a given time.

The best tables are almost always reserved for VIP customers or companies that regularly go to the same club. The number of bottles they purchase could also make a difference. When it is a low season, it is easier and less pricey to get a table, but it is always important to get the best value for your hard-earned money.

So if you visiting Sin City and planning to have a great time, whether you’re  planning a bachelor party Vegas or just looking to feel the best you can, hiring specialized services to help you can greatly improve the outcome.