Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Bottle Service in Vegas Nightclubs

Not sure why should get a bottle service in Vegas? Here goes:

  • Free entrance;
  • Priority entrance (no line-up);
  • Own private area with comfy seats;
  • Personal waitress who takes orders such as drinks.

Before you get a table reservation in a Las Vegas nightclub, day club or pool part, you need to keep the following things in mind:

No Line-Up and Cover Charges

More often than not, if you book a bottle service beforehand, you no longer need to line up and pay cover charges. During a busy night, general admission tickets could rise up to at least $200 and you have to fall in line.

In order to book a bottle service, you are required by clubs to spend a specific minimum amount once you are seated. For instance, the standard table reservation requires you to spend at least $1000. That is why, nightclubs do not let their bottle service customers pay the cover charge and entrance fee.

Certainly, there are still other ways to enter Vegas nightclubs.

Ordering a Las Vegas bottle service is one of the ways to get in as well as the smoothest and most hassle-free.  Guests booking this service may or may not use the priority line. They have a private waitress to personally serve the orders of their group and assist them throughout the night.

In addition to bottle service, there are some options that enable you to enter without encountering any problems. Perhaps the easiest way to get inside with no need to spend much is to purchase presale tickets online. Similar to buying tickets for concerts, games and other live events, you can buy entrance tickets for nightclubs.

If you have tickets, you can enter for sure but you still need to follow the rules regarding dress code, early arrival and minimum age requirement.

It is a bit expensive.

On the average, the Grey Goose costs at least $500 in Las Vegas and you are required to purchase a minimum of 3 bottles per group of 5 at well-known nightclubs. Additionally, you need to pay sales tax plus gratuity and the bottle service reservation in Sin City has a minimum price of $1000 for the affordable tables located far away from the action. This is the reason why people consider bottle service a luxury of assured seats, own private area and personal waitress to serve drinks and other orders.

Nightclubs will market their table reservation all the time.

Promoters as well as VIP hosts of Las Vegas nightclubs will continue to hard-sell their bottle service reservation. A VIP host sees to it that you have a great time and exerts more effort if you get table reservation.  On the other hand, only a number of hosts grant requests in connection with guest list, tickets or VIP entry.

Bottle service reservations are not the same.

The best tables in all nightclubs are located near the dance floor and DJ booth – this is what you would normally want for a bachelor party Vegas . Prices of drinks and the required minimum purchase considerably rise on holidays, special occasions and when celebrities and guest DJs visit. This is also true when it comes to ticket prices and cover charges. To avoid such price increases, buy your tickets in advance.