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    Bottle Service in Las Vegas: The Elite Way to Enjoy Cocktails

    There’s no better way to feel like a VIP at a nightclub than by ordering bottle service. Not only can Velvet Rope event planners reserve the best tables at night and day clubs for your group, they can order bottles of liquor exclusively for your tables. Everything from top-shelf vodka, scotch, and gin, etc. to fine wine and champagne. And of course, the various mixers are included.

    Ordering bottle service not only guarantees you a table for the day or night but eliminates the need for your group to stand in line to get into the club. When you see how many people are in line for entry you’ll be glad you went the bottle service route. Bottle service can also include the service of a VIP hostess who will ensure that you and your group have sufficient mixers and will often mix drinks using your liquor and mixers. Purchasing bottle service sometimes also results in the cover charge being waived. Be aware that a table of 5 or more people is generally required to purchase at least two or more bottles. When you consider that the average drink is $15 to $20 each and that the cover charge is $50 and up, bottle service becomes a much more reasonable proposition. Depending on the club, a 20% tip is often included. Be sure to check before leaving without tipping.