A little more about bottle service in Las Vegas

Bottle service is considered a luxury. The demand for VIP treatment has significantly increased over the last decade, with Las Vegas as no exception.

The price of every bottle depends on the nightclub, day of the week and time of the year, but in Las Vegas clubs, the price of drinks ranges from $350 to $575 per bottle, plus tax, table tips, waitress gratuity and additional fees that can be called by different names.

Many clubs require a 2-bottle minimum order, which goes with a 1 bottle per 3 person regulation. If you have established connections, though, this rule can usually be forgotten. It is typical for high-end clubs to expect a tip for the table location and assurance of your reservation.

Table tips

There is no need to go to high-end clubs to have your own table and Las Vegas bottle service. There are clubs and lounges that offer bottle service at a minimum price of $300.

“Table Tip” Meaning

In 2006, when the bottle service trend started in Vegas, club-goers had to give a big tip to the hosts to guarantee their reservation. Clubs with long lines overbooked tables on purpose. During spring and summer, the best clubs often overbook tables.

This is unlikely to happen nowadays. However, as a consideration, it is always best to tip your host if he/she serves your group well. Some clubs set a certain tip amount depending on the table location.

Booking Bottle Service to Avoid Getting “Bumped”

It is important for club-goers to have a good rapport with hosts. Reservations look pretty much the same. Since this is difficult for travelling partiers, an established VIP company often treats out-of-towners – whatever their budget – like locals.

Those who are lucky to get a table, but do not tip or establish a rapport with their hosts, may have their table located under the stairs, in the hallway or beside the broom closet. It can be confusing to know how much to tip to give, or whether doing so or not will really matter. The host may not even be able to make adjustments at a given time.

The best tables are almost always reserved for VIP customers or companies that regularly go to the same club. The number of bottles they purchase could also make a difference. When it is a low season, it is easier and less pricey to get a table, but it is always important to get the best value for your hard-earned money.

So if you visiting Sin City and planning to have a great time, whether you’re  planning a bachelor party Vegas or just looking to feel the best you can, hiring specialized services to help you can greatly improve the outcome.

Useful advice for your trip in Las Vegas

Watch out for the sun.

Don’t forget to take along sunscreen and apply it as often as you could. If ever you left it home, you can buy one from any of the convenience stores, pools and pool clubs. Make sure that it has a minimum SPF of 30. The best sunscreens include either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in its active ingredients. Do not forget to reapply it more frequently, especially when you are sweating a lot or swimming. Bring your hat and sunglasses. A wide-brimmed hat is perfect. This will make you look mysterious. Movie stars, most especially those with fair skin like Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway, do it. Always remember to protect your eyes since excessive sunlight can result to vision issues. It is best to choose those wraparound shades or  sunglasses with UV coating .

Wait to get very drunk.

Do you already have plans for the night? If you do not refrain from drinking at the casinos and pools, you will just stay home. This is since you will pass out in your room. So enjoy and just have a handful of drinks but do this by the time the sun sets, when it is time to party at Las Vegas’ nightclubs.

Keeping Yourself Hydrated

You know that heat levels in the desert can increase to uncomfortable levels. As a matter of fact, the temperature in Las Vegas during the summer is around 106 degrees. To reduce the risk of fainting or suffering from heat stroke, make it a point to sip water all through the day. Also, drinking too much booze at nighttime or during daytime by the pool can cause dehydration. It’s advised to drink a considerable amount of water, unless of course you are a traveler who likes to visit local hospitals and get glued to an IV. Do not drink tap water and instead buy one of the popular bottled waters. Since they cost much higher at hotels, drop by a convenience store or local grocery to get a lot.

Learning to Play

If you are new to gambling, there is no reason to feel ashamed. Everyone goes through that kind of awkward feeling. Once you start to sit down for some games, help yourself by taking lessons if they are offered by the casino. You will discover that a lot of them have free table game lessons in the afternoons of weekdays. If they do not offer any lessons, spend some money on the crib card since it provides the basics. Still, when this does not work, ask some question. Dealers are present to help and are happy to do so. However, be wary of the flashy gamblers beside you that appear to be too helpful. The only genuine professionals on the table are the dealers. If you are discovering a way to move around the tables and feel intimidated by the high minimum bet per gaming table on the Strip, go to downtown Vegas. Most of the time, the table limit is lower so you do not need to spend much on your learning curve.

Be a Club Member

Join the players club. Almost all casinos have one and these clubs are usually connected so people can use the card at many, different places. For instance, MGM Resorts International has M Life, Caesars Entertainment promotes Total Rewards card while Station Casmos offers its Boarding Pass. You just need to fall in line and present your driver’s license as proof of identification.  You will immediately receive the frequent gambler card at your hotels of choice. You can earn points when using these cards because you will certainly be gambling so you get something in return. Players clubs let you receive benefits for almost everything you spend and include your name in the hotels’ mail or email lists. Per chance, your name might get picked for tickets to a free show or a special room rate.

If you are traveling to Sin City to prepare an awesome bachelor party Vegas, there are a few options to make sure your event is a huge success.  One of them is to hire a great Las Vegas VIP service!

Where to Party in Las Vegas During the Week

Without a doubt, Las Vegas is the nightlife capital of the world with so many great and very few terrible nightclubs to pick from. For this reason, you may be like many who are confused on the best one to go to. This also leaves even the most experienced party goers a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, I have prepared a list of night clubs that can be visited, based on their area and the questions people usually ask.

Before you start to schedule your visits, there are some aspects you may want to consider:

It would be good to go out on weekday nights to experience the nightlife. Something exciting is always happening in town. In fact, during a club’s “Industry Night”, the locals and employees of other nightclubs are invited, and there is a tendency to have fewer guests but higher quality circle of people. Quality means the hotties.

If you want to plan your nightlife as early as 3 months, try to look around so you can think of the club you want to visit. Be reminded, though, that things easily change in Las Vegas. Therefore, do not forget to check back when the date of your trip comes close.

By Weeknight

Sunday night is when some of the best range of nightlife choices in Las Vegas is available. Those who are looking for the wildest parties may want to go to Hakkasan at MGM Grand, The Bank inside Bellagio or Omnia at Caesars Palace. People who are fond of evening pool parties can look into seasonal XS for Sunday Night Swim or Eclipse at Daylight. Industry Sundays go on in SLS’s LiFE, as well as Drai’s inside The Cromwell, where nightclubbing starts at 10 pm to 1 am and beyond.

What is happening on Monday night?

Two of the original nightclubs, which are most talked about, are XS and Marquee. This is the lucky night of club fanatics since these popular nightlife celebrities compete every Monday to host the best party. The one who gets the best celebrity hosts, programming and performances rises up to the next level.

What is so special about Tuesday?

Many who consider Tuesday as a lame, dry night are very wrong. Tuesday in Las Vegas is when the battle of the industries takes place. Six exceptional venues combat and host events. Locals, tourists and nightlife industry members are all invited as long as they are all out to join. Visit Omnia at Caesars Palace, 1Oak Nightclub at Mirage, Drai’s at The Cromwell or have a taste of LA at Hyde in Bellagio.

What is the plan on Wednesday?

On Wednesday nights, there is a unique range of nightlife options, such as the lovely outdoor pool area of Surrender at Wynn, the beautiful outdoor rooftop of Chateau, and a high-energy intimate Light Nightclub in Mandalay Bay.

Party every Thursday

Enjoy any of the great nightclub choices on Thursday nights: Hakkasan, Omnia, Body English, Tryst and Tao. These venues are comparable in size, as well as target the same visitors. All you have to do is check out the schedule of events at these places so you can decide where to go for the night.

Private and Corporate Events in Las Vegas

What do you first think of when you hear the words Las Vegas? Is it the bright lights, the casinos, or perhaps the town’s reputation as “Sin City”? Regardless of your impression of Vegas, you no doubt realize that it is a city that caters to the needs of people whether those be personal or business needs. It makes it the perfect location for enjoying either a private or a corporate event. You know that everyone is sure to leave satisfied and with good memories of the event.

Private events are common in Las Vegas. Many a couple have gone to Vegas to enjoy a wedding with all of the glitz and glamor that this famous city has to offer. You don’t need to want an Elvis impersonator or a themed wedding to have a great event in Vegas that meets your personal taste. There is something for everyone.

Others have had private parties such as a bachelor party or a bachelorette party in Vegas. The city’s motto of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” attracts many here for a last hurrah with their closest friends before starting out married life. The city can provide everything from booze and gambling to shows and high end restaurants.

Las Vegas, however, is not all fun and games. Corporate sponsored events take place in the many hotels and ballrooms across the city. It’s the perfect location for gathering company employees from across the country or even the globe, as the city is well equipped to handle the excess population and has many appropriate venues to choose from. It’s a great way to make sure that your corporate event is well remembered as a positive experience which goes a long way to make sure that it achieves its intended purpose. Whether it is a training seminar or just a corporate sponsored event for team building purposes, this is a great city to bring everyone together to.

Event planning is necessary when you decide to hold a major event in a city like Vegas, so it’s a popular business in the area. You’ll find no shortage of caterers, wedding planners, corporate event planners, and other businesses to help make your personal or corporate event a huge success. There are capable individuals who can provide everything from a PA system to HD video recording of the entire event. Regardless of the type or scale of the event that you have in mind, Vegas has what you need.

How To Get the Most From Your Holiday in Las Vegas

Let’s face it, Las Vegas spells fun for most people, but it can also be intimidating to others. Here is a break down of what exactly you can expect when you are visiting Las Vegas and how to get the most out of your holiday.

Planning Your Trip

Are you planning a holiday in some place other than the usual romantic retreats in France, or historical getaways in Rome and Egypt? Do you hate the idea of “economic holidays” and yet don’t want to burn a big hole in your pocket? Well, a trip to Las Vegas may be your answer! If the ideas of dazzling nightlife, rocking parties, crazy gambling, and the unstoppable flow of people excite you, Las Vegas is for you! If you are a complete party animal and your ideal vacation activity is meeting new people, socializing and having fun, than Sin City should be on the very top of your holiday list.

What Las Vegas Has to Offer

This is a place that can offer you a range of entertainment if you are seeking out fun things to do such as gambling in various casinos, going to shows in the evening, shopping for designer items or dining at world class restaurants. The VIP services of Vegas offers all tourists a variety of treatments that will make you feel like you are in the lap of luxury!

If you are seeking constant partying, gambling and entertaining and boozing then Las Vegas is definitely your ideal destination. These activities may be considered taboo in places in other cities and countries, but not here! It is the paradise for party hoppers, gamblers, and entertainment seekers. In Vegas you can actually lead a fun filled entertaining night out on the town without any obstructions, yet within the guidance of a VIP concierge service.

Las Vegas along with very few places in the world like Macau in China, is considered to be its sister city offers world class accomodations of hotels and casinos. There is no doubt, that at night Vegas comes alive with an abundance of fun and amusements.

Why Concierge Services Make Sense

If you can afford it, reserve your trip to Las Vegas and everything can be planned for you by a Velvet Rope senior VIP host. This can include a tour around the city during the day, hitting all of the party pools or party brunches, and a luxurious night on the town in your own limousine. A trip to this city can mean a night of drinking and socializing in night clubs, gambling in the nicest casinos, and a fair dose of adult entertainment like male revues or gentlemen’s clubs.

This is the city that never stops. The concierge can make quick reservations for you in luxurious and comfortable hotels in Vegas, which have all of the modern amenities to make you feel comfortable after a night of entertainment on the Strip.

The concierge services also provide guidance for your transportation from your hotel to the casinos, the nightclubs, pool parties and back. So if someone in your group gets a little out of control, you don’t need to worry about them getting back to the hotel. In fact, all other logistics are taken care of, such concierge services, bookings, and reservations. All you have to do is show up and your senior VIP host will make sure that you have a holiday in Vegas that you won’t soon forget!

Host the Ultimate Private and Corporate Events in Las Vegas

Is there a better location on Earth to host your private or corporate event in Vegas? We certainly don’t think so, and once you have given Vegas a try, we are sure that you will agree. There is something for everyone in this city, and the venues and services available are second to none. Read on to learn more about why you need to plan your next private or corporate event on The Strip.

Let’s begin by considering your private events and parties. What kind of occasions should you take off to Vegas for? Las Vegas is fairly famous for anything having to do with weddings. Whether you are looking to elope or you want to bring the whole party with you, this is the place to do it. Las Vegas isn’t just a great place to get married because they offer theme weddings. It is also a great city to have the bachelor and bachelorette party in. There are many elegant venues for more conventional weddings. Caterers abound in the city as well as photographers and videography companies. Anything that your private party needs is available here, including limos.

Corporate sponsored events can also be a big hit in Vegas. There are several reasons. First of all, there are numerous elegant venues to choose from. Hotel accommodations range from inexpensive to extravagant depending on who will be attending your seminar, party, charity gathering, or other corporate sponsored event. Whether you need a large meeting area or just a large private ballroom, everything that you need to make your corporate event a hit is available in Las Vegas. Plus, visitors will get to enjoy the city itself when they aren’t at the corporate function.

This is a great city to plan your private or corporate event in even if you don’t really know the area. In a city that prides itself on knowing how to party, there is no shortage to event planning resources. You can hire an event planner, a caterer, or a videographer, all of whom will be well experienced in taking care of any type of event imaginable. Believe me when I say that this city has seen it all.

So whatever your event is going to be about, make sure that Las Vegas is on your list to consider for location. Venues and other services make this an easy place to plan an event, and the city itself will take care of your guests when they are not at your event.

Tips to Enjoying the Las Vegas Nightlife

Las Vegas is the party capital of the United States with a nightlife that just doesn’t stop. From dusk until dawn you can find plenty of clubs and shows that cater to night owls who like to keep the party going until they can’t go anymore.

Although you can easily find the clubs and shows that best suit your tastes, there are still a few tips that will help you get the most out of your night. By following these tips, you can enjoy your experience more while running into fewer issues as you escape into the Las Vegas nightlife.

Dress for the Occasion

While there are some bars and clubs that have no dress code, others do. So instead of researching which ones will stop you at the door for wearing flip-flops or baseball caps, be sure to dress smartly and you’ll be let into virtually all the clubs. The key is that the more formal clubs will have a doorman that inspects you before going in, so these are the ones that will require more appropriate attire such as collared shirts, slacks and dress shoes for men and nice jewelry, chic tops and heels for women.

Get There Early

If you want to save money and avoid long lines, then hit the club scene early as most places do not start charging admission until 10pm. In fact, by starting around 6pm or so, you can often enjoy seating at clubs that will be reserved for later in the evening by others. So, if you like to club hop, go early and hit a few places that will have fewer patrons and have reserved a VIP or bottle service for the club that you are going to stay at later in the evening.

VIP or Bottle Service

Are you traveling with a group? Perhaps you are not much into club hopping and prefer to settle in one spot? If so, then having a VIP or bottle service reservation means that you can skip the lines and go straight in. Bottle service is perfect if you have a group of five people or more who can split the costs. In fact, the more people you have, the more the price may come down. Plus, most of the tables are near or even next to the dance floor so you can rest quickly whenever you get tired of dancing the night away.

Always Leave a Good Tip

You make a good impression by tipping generously to your hosts, bartenders and cocktail servers who will naturally treat you with a little more respect. A good tipper is a VIP in any club, so be sure that you are generous with your money and tip appropriately so that you can get the best service and make the best impression.

These tips will help you get the most out of the nightlife scene in Las Vegas. Get together with your friends and family to plan well early so you can enjoy the night as fully as possible.

Las Vegas: Another Name for Indulgence

There is a reason Las Vegas is another name for indulgence. Everything about this city is extravagant, luxurious and designed for maximizing your happiness. So, if you are heading to this Sin City any time soon, what all should you be doing to get the full Vegas VIP experience? Here is a short guide…

We know, of course, the first thing you want to know about is the casinos and night clubs of Vegas. Well, considering the range of options available, there is something to suit everyone. So, if your tastes are more laid back and you have no intention of blowing a hole in your pocket then there are casinos that offer starting bets at just $1. Some of the names that come to mind include Casino Royal and Flamingo. But if you wish to go all out and do some serious gambling, then you can head to the biggest hotels in town that are also renowned for their ultra-luxurious casinos. The top rated ones include Bellagio, The Mirage and Caesars Palace.

But let us warn you in advance that getting into these places might not be as easy as it seems in movies. There are long lines that stretch even longer in the evenings and most people have to contend with settling for the second best. But if you choose us to be your guides, we can guarantee you a special treatment at every step of the way. At VIP services, we specialize in arranging everything from getting you the special spot at the ‘reservations closed’ restaurant to ensuring you get into the casino as a preference customer even as others jostle to reach the front gate. Whether it is pool parties or day clubs or night clubs or hotels, our company works in close coordination with the leading hotels, restaurants and clubs to get our customers what they want.

Our old ties to some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry in Vegas help us offer the best choices to our customers based on their travel plans. So, if you are planning a surprise bachelor party for your best friend, then we know just the right hotel for you to stay. And if it is your honeymoon, no one can offer you better advice than us about where to park your bags to.

Apart from casinos and hotels, Vegas is also famous for its night clubs, where music is played till the wee hours of morning by top DJs from across the world. Whether it is the XS nightclub where Prince Harry made headlines or Asian inspired Tao, the music at numerous clubs offers something to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

A rather new introduction to the party scene here has been day clubs. As if the night long clubbing and gambling were not enough, Vegas decided it was time to carry on the fun even during the day. So, hotels and clubs now host pool parties that start in the morning and go on endlessly. While entry to these might be exclusive, as guests of VIP services, you can just sit back and enjoy the royal experience, as we transport you from one location to another in style in our limos.

This city is fast becoming a food heaven for culinary enthusiasts. Fuelled by the diversity of tourists, Vegas has seen a number of restaurants come up in recent past that pay a rich tribute to the cosmopolitanism of this place. From American to Middle Eastern, from Asian to European – there is no cuisine you would not find in Vegas. Joël Robouchon at MGM Grand boasts of Michelin’s three stars while others like Nobu, Le Cirque, Aureolo and Twist offer a gourmet experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Even if these elite restaurants tell you their place is all booked, there is no cause of worry. Our special relationship to these delightful places ensure our clients always have a table for them here, no matter what time of day or night.

And of course, there are the legendary bars of Las Vegas, without a visit to which no trip to here would be considered complete. Head to the Chandelier, Ghostbar, Gold Spike or Rockhouse to round off your trip. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now and plan your holiday to the most exhilarating, vibrant destination of the world.

A VIP Service That Offers Extraordinary Experiences in Las Vegas

No matter what part of the world we belong to, Las Vegas means one thing to all of us – casinos. And of course, a nightlife no other place can boast of. To offer an unmatched experience, the Sin City has splashed big on casino hotels that are mini-cities in themselves. From the grand Bellagio that still leads to traffic jams as people stop to watch the waterfall spectacle to the Venetian Palazzo complete with gondolas – the hotels here are so spectacular that you might be forgiven for not wanting to step out even for a day.

We have the inside information on all the hotels this place has to offer and needless to say, we would be most happy to offer it to you as part of our VIP service. Most of the biggest names in the business are located on the 4.2 mile long Las Vegas strip, which hands down is the most popular destination here. From night long gambling at casinos to continuing the party the next day at day clubs, everything you want in Vegas is located on this route.

Over the years, day clubbing has become as riotous as the nightlife. Most hotels today boast of pool parties that will ensure you head out of casinos bleary eyed only to be rejuvenated at the sight of hundreds of young adults gyrating to the music, ready to jump into the water for a day of partying that has just begun – an experience you will not want to miss out on.

Our limo service ensures all you think about is the party – arriving at the right club, worrying about the traffic, thinking about the route – leave that to us. And if you are thinking of a bachelor or bachelorette party here, just tell us what you have in mind. We will without a doubt come up with a place that has exactly what you want and leave the rest to us. After all, can there be a better place for the big party before the D-day?

To take in the whole experience of Las Vegas, you have to head to not just the casinos but also clubs which are renowned for offering some of the best music of the world under their roof. Rock, blues, jazz – no matter what the genre, there is a place for you here. If the likes of Rolling Stones, Metallica, Chilli Peppers and Adele are happy to get up on the stage at the clubs including The Joint, Pearl Concert Theater, the Cosmopolitan and House of Blues among others here, who are we to complain!!

On a day when you want a break from the constant rumble of the casinos, these are the night clubs we suggest you head to for an experience that is wild and soul-soothing at the same time. Of course, it goes with saying that our VIP services will take to the top of the guest list on these best of the best without the hassle of waiting in endless queues that stretch out every evening outside these exclusive, elite clubs. And no, barely anyone who stands in these lines ever sees the inside of the club but with us, you walk up right to the entrance for an entry fit for a king.

For the gastronomically inclined, there is no cuisine of the world you will not find in this city, with established Michelin star restaurants (Guy Savoy, Picasso) rubbing shoulders with new, avant garde ones (Twist, Joël Robuchon) ready to topple the leaders any day. The hotels, which house most of these gems, will welcome you with open arms as our guests.

As part of our VIP Services, we can get reservations at places that are otherwise booked for months in advance and where no amount of coaxing will work. That is simply the result of our long-standing, trusted relations with clubs, hotels and restaurants in the city who are ready to go all out to bring the perfect Vegas experience to our guests. So, no waiting for a table or worrying about the reservation! Leave that to our VIP host and just enjoy your time.

But if you think Las Vegas is all about casinos and clubs and parties, you might be in for a surprise. After all, it is not called the “Entertainment city of the World” for nothing. After a night of unending partying and clubbing, the place offers some of the most incredible outdoor experiences, enough to even forget that hangover and head out into the sunshine.

The Valley of Fire, offering a stunning desert landscape complete with rock formations that remind people of a different time has today become one of the most favourite destinations for hiking and photographing among tourists. The natural beauty, away from the glitz and neon lights, is a sight that you will not forget in a hurry.

If this is something that gets your adrenaline going, then you will also fall in love with the Red Rock Canyon. This natural conservation area with sandstone formations offers the ideal backdrop for cycling through it or hiking the desert trails or going camping – all in the shadow of a breathtaking phenomenon of nature that will lure you again and again. Other notable sites for excursions include kaykaying in Colorado river, taking the cruise on Lake Mead and yes, skiing near Mount Charleston bang in the middle of this desert city.

If you are looking for a more relaxed stay, hop on to a helicopter to ride across to the Grand Canyon and watch this marvel from high up in the air, taking in its sheer size and beauty in a way only that sky high view can offer. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Vegas, now!

Your Dream Vacation in Las Vegas

For your bachelor or bachelorette party, you need the excitement of Las Vegas. This is a place of wonder and adventure, where life is more than it has ever been. You can experience everything from shows to clubbing to gambling to fantastic foods and more, all in one of the best cities in the world. To make the most out of everything, though, you need to invest in VIP services Vegas offers. These turn your time in Vegas into something worth talking about, something that you will want to continue forever. You will feel alive and you will feel like a celebrity. There are few things better than being a VIP and few ways to better spend your time in Vegas. Special access to day and night clubs, limousines, and exceptional hotels are all waiting for you as a VIP.

A bachelor party Vegas style means that you are coming here to go crazy and to truly live the bachelor lifestyle. There are not many places that make you feel more like a bachelor than Vegas. Between the beautiful women everywhere and the partying all the time, you will spend your last moments as a bachelor doing everything that you have always wanted to do. This is going to be one of the best times of your life; it is a time that will stick with you and make you smile for years.

All of this applies to a bachelorette party Vegas style, as well. Before getting married, this is where you want to go. It is where you can experience all of the best aspects of being single, like you are supposed to do during one of these type of parties. Everything that you need is here, and everything is far more amazing than you would ever think. Las Vegas is known for the parties and memories made here, making it the perfect place to spend your last moments before getting married.

The VIP services are what make all of this more exciting. These services give you access to the best clubs in Vegas, both day and night, as well as all of the services that you could ever want while in the clubs. You are treated like a celebrity, given bottle service, allowed into VIP only areas, driven around in a limo, and allowed to stay in some incredible hotels. Everything works together to give you a memorable experience that is high in excitement and low in restrictions or dullness.

During a bachelor or bachelorette party, you may want to go into the sun for your fun. Doing this does not require a quiet time at the beach, however, because of the day clubs in Vegas. Here, there is sun, water, music, and excitement everywhere that you look. People are making the most out of the light and heat to create a unique experience that makes for one amazing party. Sweat and swim, dance and drink, and enjoy the beautiful weather and location.

Obviously, you are going to want to visit the night clubs in Vegas, too. Some of the best in the world are here, and you will be able to experience them at their best. Your bachelor or bachelorette party will not have to wait in lines and will have access to special areas of the clubs. You can go in, receive your bottle service, and party the night away. Every night club that you enter will become more enjoyable, you will be able to have memorable experiences, and there is a lot more to gain. VIP services give you the night club along with parts of them that you never could have had otherwise.

Depending on the size of your party, moving from one location to another may be difficult. This is why VIP services offer some fantastic limos in Vegas. You will have transportation from one area to the next that gives you the celebrity feel and that allows you to arrive in style. This means that everyone in the party can drink and focus on the experiences rather than having to worry about who will drive or having a vehicle big enough to hold everyone. The limousine services are more than capable of doing the job while actually improving the time spent in Vegas.

You also have access to some wonderful hotels in Vegas. With how big a bachelor or bachelorette party is, you are going to need the best hotels in order to rest, feel like luxury is everywhere, and have the best location that you can find. These hotels will give you everything that you need when staying in Vegas along with benefits and advantages that you might not have expected. They are top quality, too, so you do not have to worry about issues with comfort, style, or what is offered.