Advantages of Booking a Las Vegas Bottle Service

Picture yourself at a popular Vegas nightclub with your own private table, while being well-served with bottles of high-quality liquor and mixers. It may sound unbelievable, but it is true, and this service is available at clubs along the Las Vegas Strip.

Make new friends.

When you avail of bottle service at a Vegas nightclub/pool party, you automatically get access to an exclusive club for VIPs.

Usually, bottle service patrons are provided with their own area at the club, or are placed in prime locations where they have a close view of the stage and dance floor. When you have your own table and premium wine bottles, it is easier to make new friends. If you belong to a group of guys who want to meet some pretty ladies, the best solution is a VIP table and bottle service.

Maybe you might come across any of the several celebrities who frequent the VIP section at Las Vegas nightclubs. Share your Vegas experience via tags, posts and tweets. Some party-goers will be curious and ask who they are. Furthermore, when people find out you have your own private table, they will want to be your buddy.

Make an impression.

Perhaps among your friends, you are not thought of as the most “attractive” or “bubbly”, but things are a lot different in Vegas. Once people discover that you have reserved a bottle service, they will totally forget all their presumptions of you way back home.

Letting your friends experience this luxury will immediately upgrade your status to being the group’s “favorite”, making you the topic of conversation in the coming months. Do you plan to spend a weekend in Vegas soon? Are you going to Las Vegas to attend a birthday celebration, bachelor / bachelorette party or just to have fun? Booking a VIP table and bottle service in one of the top Las Vegas nightclubs or pool parties is the best way to spend it with your friends.

Get delicious drinks (right at your table).

In case you are thinking Vegas has delivered on drinks, wait till you book a private booth for VIP customers and bottle service.

Whether it is a holiday or popular weekend, people tend to flock to Vegas nightclubs and day clubs.  So, there is surely a long line up at the bar. To avoid spending time to get drinks at a busy bar, reserve a VIP table and bottle service.

When you get bottle service, there is no need to waste half the night to get drinks at the bar.  You don’t have to get bumped into or spill your cocktails.  With a variety of liquors and mixer choices available, the only thing left to decide on is how strong you like your drinks to be.

If you are planning an upcoming bachelorette party Vegas, you really need to make the best of it. That’s why you need VIP services Vegas – for a great time!