What can I see in Las Vegas when I’m not gambling?

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street in old downtown Vegas is an area just for pedestrians and has all kinds of unique attractions. The street has a five-block section with a canopy of LED lights hanging over it that light up the sky in a spectrum of various colors as well as designs while walking below. The Fremont Street Experience, as it is known, features great music and visual shows up above. In this area, street artists and special entertainers perform outdoors. Fremont, which is in downtown Vegas, is only a few kilometers away from the Strip. Visitors can take a cab to go there. However, if they really want to experience the city at night, they could always take the 3-1/2 hour Las Vegas Night Tour to also enjoy the Fremont Street light show plus other highlights along the Strip.

Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower

Paris Las Vegas, which is also found on the Strip, is among the most easy to recognize city resorts. The Eiffel Tower in the form of a scale model is found out front while a Paris Opera House recreation can be seen down the way. The Eiffel Tower Experience is a deck forty six stories above the streets of Vegas that allows 360-degree amazing views. The posh, romantic Eiffel Tower Restaurant, which is just a story below, lets people have fine views over the Strip and across to Bellagio’s dancing fountains. There is also a mock hot air balloon on the property dressed with flashing, neon lights.

Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show

The enormous, luxury hotel complex in Las Vegas known as Bellagio Resort has several, different attractions such as the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, spa and salon as well as a number of the finest restaurants in the city. To the further side of the lobby is a showroom area that has changing themes like spring botanical displays and fascinating art shows, to name a few. The fountain show is the most popular and impressive feature of the resort. At the front part of Bellagio on the strip, the dancing fountains show a beautiful water display set to music. Visitors can get a ringside view from the sidewalk. This is considered as Las Vegas’ best free attraction.

Mirage Hotel with Erupting Volcano and Secret Garden

It is easy to identify the Mirage Hotel when walking along the Strip. There is a volcano that erupts every now and then in front of the resort. The glowing red fire that shoots out at night is among the most unique sites that can be viewed from the sidewalk. The Mirage has a Secret Garden as well as Dolphin Habitat inside. There is also a wide range of exotic animals like white lions, among others. The Dolphin Habitat contains 2.5 million gallon pools with numerous trained dolphins.

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