Things to know when preparing for Las Vegas nightclubs

Anyone Can Sign Up On The Guest List

People who are familiar with nightclubs in Las Vegas have probably heard about the guest list. What no one knows is that anyone (whether guy or girl) can sign up for it. The advantage of being on the guest list is entering the club for free.

There is no need to be a VIP, celebrity or super model to be included on the list. As a matter of fact, people can sign up online, free of charge. There are just a number of minimal requirements that people on the guest list have to remember:

  • Women can enter for free at every club.
  • For men to enter for free at most clubs, they need to have an equal number of women in their group (or more women than men).
  • There are some clubs that let men enter for free without ratio requirements.
  • They must reach the club at an early time.

Aside from getting free entrance at every club, some nightclubs give free drink tickets to women. They have to be reminded, though, that there is a cutoff time for guest lists. For nightclubs, it is around 12:30 am. That is why it is important to be in line no later than 10:30 pm. On busy nights like weekends, it makes sense to get in line as early as 10:00 pm to make sure they can get in.

A Lot of Nightclubs Have a “Girl Guy”

For those who do not know what a girl guy is, he is the host that works at the nightclub. His primary job is to go around to find party companions for guy guests and their friends (like a matchmaker of sorts). This is the easier way fora group of guys to meet women in Las Vegas. There is a word of caution though. Those who have bottle service table are the only guests that can get a girl guy. Asking the help of a girl guy can cost about more than $3,000 on bottle service. This may seem to be expensive but with a group of 10 or more, this is actually reasonable. This is the way to go to party like a VIP.

Bottle Service Costs Less During The Week

When it comes to bottle service, people can get the best deals during the week, from Sunday to Thursday. They are not required to get bottle service since guests can get free entry to clubs when they are on the guest list. However, if the decide on getting bottle service, they will save a considerable amount of money when they get a table on a week day.

People go to Vegas on Fridays or Saturdays however, if they come a day earlier or stay a day later, they can discover serious bargains. Clubs are not as busy (according to Vegas standards) on these days and they can get the same thousand dollar tables on the weekend for a huge discount.

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