Things to know when preparing for Las Vegas nightclubs

Anyone Can Sign Up On The Guest List People who are familiar with nightclubs in Las Vegas have probably heard about the guest list. What no one knows is that anyone (whether guy or girl) can sign up for it. The advantage of being on the guest list is entering the club for free. There […]

4 Locations you need to visit while in Las Vegas

Seven Magic Mountains  The art installation of Seven Magic Mountains can be easily seen from I15 because of its high 35-foot towers with multi-colored boulders protruding from the desert east of I15 around 10 miles south of Vegas. This impressive public artwork is a creation of Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. These neon colored hoodoos resemble […]

Daily Activities Worth Doing in Las Vegas

Visit Vegas Indoor Skydiving for a Free Fall Those who want something even more thrilling can opt for indoor skydiving. Anyway, they are in Las Vegas. So, they should either go all-out or go home. People get the indescribable free falling feeling without the risks. Indoor skydiving lets participants experience what it is like to […]

What can I see in Las Vegas when I’m not gambling?

Fremont Street Experience Fremont Street in old downtown Vegas is an area just for pedestrians and has all kinds of unique attractions. The street has a five-block section with a canopy of LED lights hanging over it that light up the sky in a spectrum of various colors as well as designs while walking below. […]

Las Vegas trips are not just about gambling

A lot of vacationers travel all the way to Vegas to gamble, watch shows and try fine dining. However, the 20 to 30 year old group goes there to dance the night away, since Las Vegas continues to be the world’s hottest dance capital. The sensual ultra-hip nightclub is a new trend in Las Vegas […]

How to Make the Most of Your Las Vegas Nightclub Experience

Though some people may be surprised by the following information, it is quite common to regular club-goers. Guests from other towns and also some locals always ask about how to behave in nightclubs and the best way to enter the most popular Las Vegas clubs. Here are the answers – this is a list of […]