Corporate Events in Vegas: Where Business Meets Pleasure

At Velvet Rope we take fun seriously. Especially the kind of fun you have with your coworkers. How do you satisfy everyone from middle managers to corporate executives? Regardless of whether it’s a trade show, a symposium, a series of lectures and break-out meetings, or just a corporate retreat, Velvet Rope is the company to talk to to ensure that your corporate event goes off without a hitch. Our event planners are ready to answer any and all of your questions five days a week. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about corporate events:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far in advance should I book my event?
Most corporate events are booked six months to a year ahead of time. This level of notice ensures that you not only get the best venues and talent for your event, you get the best prices as well.

Q: How do I choose a venue for my corporate event?
Velvet Rope’s knowledgeable event planners are familiar with every venue in Las Vegas. They can help you choose the right hotel/resort for your event based on a variety of criteria including size of your group, budget and desired amenities and services.

Q: How do I structure my corporate event?
Our team of skilled corporate event planners can help you seamlessly structure your event from start to finish. Everything from a welcome cocktail party, to lectures and break-out groups to meals and entertainment.

Q: What kinds of “fun” experiences should I consider including in my corporate event?
Las Vegas is truly the entertainment capital of the world and our event planners are familiar with every show, club, museum, and natural experience this desert oasis has to offer. Ask a Velvet Rope event planner for details.

Q: What kind of budget should I be prepared for?
Almost every reasonable budget can be accommodated. Las Vegas offers a wide range of hotels and resorts available at various price points. A wide variety of entertainment options are also available. What’s more, large groups tend to qualify for deep discounts for everything from hotel rooms, meals, and entertainment.

Every corporate event is different and the event planners at Velvet Rope are prepared to help you plan your event regardless of your needs and wants.

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